Please send all donations to our PayPal account:

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While we sometimes have access to embassy funding, we especially rely on private donations.

We are a local Foundation, not an NGO, so this means that we don’t have administration, logistics, secretaries people or paid staff to handle the fundraising / communication / management.

Our best communication tool is “word of mouth”. We have nothing to sell, nothing to prove. It would be much easier for us to hire and pay people to do the job. But our spirit, our dedication is worth more than just money. If relying on donations is risky, on the other hand, it helps us stay away from conflicts of interests and leaves us free to decide on how we build our future

We don’t believe in development through NGOs and institutions. We believe that real development is made by local people copping together to find local solutions to local issues, hand in hand. We believe that we can change the world by changing the way we treat each other. This is why our service is different. We treat the victims we pick up on Vientiane roads with compassion, love and respect.

We are not just a technical rescue service. The way we do it is as important as the service itself.

If you want to support our service, you can find below our PayPal account: