Aljazeera & BBC

Al Jazeera “Laos, saviours of the street” (English) or “Laos: Saviours of the street”  (French sub.)

BBC Radio Outlook (Vientiane Rescue interview starting from 33rd minute)

French TV & newspapers


AFP: Documentaire vidéo (2 minutes)

Newspapers: Libération

France: Ulyces

Asian newspapers & TV

Asia Pacific: The Diplomat


China: Global Times

Hong Kong:  SCMP & Volunteers teenagers saving lives

Philippines: Global Nation

Thailand: Bangkok Post & Bangkok Post2

International newspapers/agencies

Australia: ABC Channel

Life and Death in Vientiane

Gulf Today: Kiss of life

Pakistan: Nation

Poland: Interia

Vietnam: Breaking news

World: Warisboring

Getty images: Volunteer Rescue Service At Work On Asia’s Most Dangerous Roads

Vientiane Rescue on TED !!!

Pragmatism is a passion killer


Emergency Live

Our speech at the “Asian Nobel Prize”, the Ramon MAGSAYSAY ceremony held in Manila, August 2016

The Asian Nobel Prize, Vientiane Rescue speech